About us

Larisa School of Language started in November 2008 with one goal in mind. Teaching the best English in Nikolaev, in Ukraine has been and will always be our number one goal. We teach our students with the latest technologies and resources available in the school.

Interactive whiteboard of our language school is the largest in Nikolaev providing the most professional presentations and learning experience anywhere.

Results of learning oriented interactive programs are designed to accomplish our student’s goals.  Learning, reading, writing, listening and speaking at the highest level possible, is our first priority for each individual student of Larisa school. Personal attention of learning English is given to every student’s needs to insure the best speaking level.  This includes proper pronunciation and accent elimination.Learning English is simple for all students.

Our classrooms are equipped with several computers while students are encouraged to interact with their own keyboards.

Our state of the art offices are located in the heart of Nikolaev offering easy access to our facilities.

Larisa School of Language offers many benefits not available anywhere in Ukraine at any learning institution.

Open attendance for any level in group lessons is just one of the reasons students enjoy the total learning experience at our school. 

How does open attendance work?  It’s simple…  It enables every currently enrolled student the opportunity to attend all group lessons at all levels.  In other words, a student is able to attend twenty five hours of lessons each week for the price of just two.  This provides a total learning experience second to none. 

Add open attendance to our free English Club every Saturday, English Lab 7 days a week, Internet resources 24/7 and our American, British and Canadian teaching staff, why would you go anywhere else for learning the best English?

All students can learn English language with helping of Grammar English Russian Flashcards.

Our Benefits:

  • Free English testing.

  • Come and visit English Club on Saturdays absolutely for free!

  • All group enrolled students can sit in any other group completely free.

  • Individuals who are not enrolled in a group may attend any 1,5 hour group lesson for just 25 hryvna on occasional basis!

  • Free learning resources available 24/7.

  • “Bring a friend week”: your friends can accompany you at any one lesson absolutely for free during the last week of the month.

  • Our school offers a flexible schedule to fit every student's individual needs.

  • Free 30-minute trial lesson by Skype! Call us to schedule your first lesson today!

  • TOEFL and IELTS Preparation.

  • We use Headway and many other books to teach you the very best English.

Shevchenko 63 and Soborna
Second Floor
Mykolaiv Ukraine

Phones: 380-512-71-71-96, 380-94-944-01-96,

Email: larisaschooloflanguage@gmail.com

Skype: larisaschooloflanguage, billgreen54