Larisa Online English Club

Why choose Larisa School of Language?

Choose Larisa English Language School and you will see why we are different. Larisa has always had just one goal: to teach the very best English possible. To get students speaking. To help students achieve their life goals.

All students who attend Larisa Language School know how professional the teachers are. English teachers are educated and certified at University. English teachers at Larisa English are trained at Larisa with modern equipment and technology as well. English teachers are trained to use and instruct with modern computers, resources and professionally designed classrooms.

What is Blended Learning?

Teachers teach with modern methods. English teachers are trained and experienced to teach English grammar in the English language. In other words, teachers speak as little as possible in Ukrainian and Russian.

The main emphasis at Larisa English Language School is spoken English. Most language schools in Ukraine have a major focus on grammar. Although grammar is taught in detail and in a comprehensive manner, speaking and conversation is the main focus at Larisa English Language School in Mykolaiv Ukraine.

Study British or American?

We have created one of the best language learning websites in Ukraine. With thousands of resources available to all students, why would you choose another private language school? Larisa English is well known throughout Ukraine for the free grammar books they have created and published as well.

Oxford University Headway Book Review

At our sites we have dozens of flashcards, videos, audio, written articles in English. The Larisa English websites are full of knowledge and learning content for everyone who studies English.

Ukrainian English Teacher Qualifications

We have created our own special learning programs like Larisa FreeStyle English and Larisa Masterclass 8020 Business English. We have other special programs too. Larisa Travel English Short Course is the most popular program we offer.

Before you go on a journey anywhere, you should study with Larisa Travel English. These programs are exclusive to our Language School in Mykolaiv Ukraine. We also teach students on-line as well. Students around the world have studied at Larisa English Online.