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Ukraine and the people who live here are as interesting as it gets.  Ukrainians are always adventuresome and often fearless, to say the least.  Daily life can be challenging, but most here, always get past the obstacles with a smile.  The average Ukrainian has more than enough resiliency to go around.  Listening to stories from the past really make a person appreciate growing up and living in The USA.  Ukraine of today is much different than that of the distant past while it continues to grow and prosper daily.

Today, the comparisons between Ukraine and America aren't quite as dramatic as they were prior to 1991, but there are still everyday challenges and more to come.  Family, education and jobs are all part of daily life here.  Families enjoy time together with celebrations and free time activities doing the things they like most.  Relaxing at a restaurant of their choice either inside or enjoying the night time air sitting at one of the many cafes that line the sidewalks.

Formal education starts at the age of 7 and for many, usually continues through University.  Jobs are plentiful for educated individuals that are able to work for companies connected with countries from around the world.  IT professionals are in high demand as well as individuals with marketing and teaching skills.  City life is much different than the surrounding villages.  Village life is usually centered around food crops and farming along with many traditions from long ago.  Visiting a village here will give you the sense that you have gone back in time while observing pride and hard work everywhere.

There is so much more to Ukraine and real life here.  We have designed our special One Hour Ukrainian Cultural Program to help inform anyone from any country that wants or needs to know all about Ukraine and the people who live and work here.  While there is plenty of information regarding Ukraine all over the Internet, it's impossible to get an honest sense of real people and the lives they lead.  Our staff has prepared a great program for you to enjoy while speaking face to face over Skype.  These are the same teachers that teach languages and more everyday directly from our language school in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Please contact us with the form below for additional program, scheduling and payment information.  We will get back to you soon to establish the best time to help you learn all about Ukraine.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

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‬Ukrainian Culture Program. Introduction:

  • 10‭ ‬Culture‭ ‬and Science‭ ‬Facts
  • 10‎ ‏Things You Should Never Do In Ukraine‭
  • 10‎ ‏Interesting Facts About‭ ‬Education In Ukraine‭  
  • 10‎ ‏Tips On Prices And Money‭
  • 10‎ ‏People Ukraine is Famous For
  • Top‭ ‬10‭ ‬Must See Places In Ukraine
  • 10‎ ‏Facts About Ukrainian Food‭
  • Top‭ ‬10‭ ‬Stereotypes About Ukraine
  • 10‎ ‏Funny Facts About People
  • 10‎ ‏Phrases you should know before coming to Ukraine
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